My already announced project PublicanCreators is now near ready. The codebase is stable and it works as expected.

It provides:

  • Create Publication: That part of the GUI asks for your Title, Language and DocType (like Article or Book) and the environment (like work or private).
  • Revision Add: With this part you can add informations about the revision number and the texts. They will be used by the build process.
  • Builder: There you can use checkboxes for explain what formats should be build. This part uses publican or foconverter or both to build your project.
  • App.config: That config file will be used for storing informations like your name, company and your target directories. You can set a directory for the "work" environment and one for "private". Also you can define one "work" and one "private" publican brand and foconverter brand.

Now i would like to extend it a little bit. Because i haven't any experience i need help in the following topics:

  • Integration of the Autotools (configure, Makefile, ...)
  • Implementing automatic tests
  • Creating a first build of the monodocs in docs/
  • Implement a method for running GNOME Help (helpfiles are provided in help/)

If you are a Mono-Developer and you have some time to help, it would be great. I'm happy about pull-requests, patches or just a single email with some instructions.

The next step in that project would be a public betatest. So we can fix the last issues.