Since December 2016 i'm learning C# with Mono.

As new project i launched PublicanCreators. For regular daily DocBook writers existing many tools for starting new projects or handle them.

Jeff Fearn from Redhat has written a nice program called: "publican". This commandline tool simplifies the creation and working process of new DocBook projects. So you can create a new publication, build the publication, add Revisions and so on.

On another front exists a company, what sells a FO-Converter, who transfers a DocBook document into the formats docx, odt, oot and wml.

My new project should provide a GUI for both programs. So it (should) provide:

  • Create Publication: That part of the GUI asks for your Title, Language and DocType (like Article or Book) and the environment (like work or private).
  • Revision Add: With this part you can add informations about the revision number and the texts. They will be used by the build process.
  • Builder: There you can use checkboxes for explain what formats should be build. This part uses publican or foconverter or both to build your project.
  • App.config: That config file will be used for storing informations like your name, company and your target directories. You can set a directory for the "work" environment and one for "private". Also you can define one "work" and one "private" publican brand and foconverter brand.

The concept and the GUI is already done. Also some part of the logic. I'm using Mono and gtk3-sharp for the development. So if you are a Mono-Developer and motivated in contributing to this project, you are welcome.