This is a short overview about that projects, where i'm working on.



  • youtube_dlhelper: Yet another Youtube Downloader.
  • latex_curriculum_vitae: A generator for business applications. It uses Ruby and Rake for getting and managing the specific parameters (like contact’s address and so on) and produces Latex-Files which will be compiled and getting an resulting PDF file.

C# / .NET / Mono

  • PublicanCreators: This program works on top of Redhat’s publican. It helps by creating a new project and replaces the default values to your own values. Also it provides a graphical creator for new projects, a graphical project builder and a graphical revision editor.


Ruby (hoe)

  • hoe-manns: A hoe plugin with some needful Rake tasks.
  • hoe-reek: reek tasks in hoe (a plugin for the hoe ruby projecthelper 
  • hoe-rubocop: A hoe plugin which provides Rubocop Rake tasks.
  • hoe-packaging: A hoe plugin which provides creating and deploying ruby gems as deb & rpm packages to bintray.

Docbook Slides Brand

publican Brands



  • Zettelkasten: Ein elektronischer Zettelkasten für Ihren Computer, der sich am Arbeitsprinzip des Zettelkastens von Niklas Luhmann orientiert.

Old projects: