This is the About page from Sascha Manns. He uses Open Source Software since 1999 and likes this concept. In 2009 he starts to work inside the openSUSE Community and works there as packager, weekly news editor, the board election team, the features screening team and membership reviewing team. From 2009-2011 he contributed into the Open-News-Network as Abuse Manager and Public Relations Manager. In the same time he worked for the open-slx GmbH which published the openSUSE Box, with DVD, handbook and support. He contributed in Testing, Community Management, writing handbooks, Bugtriage and Newsletters.

In 2014 he changed his operating system from openSUSE to Ubuntu. He launched some repositories on Launchpad and backported some packages and build some own packages.

In 2015 he starts programming in the Language Ruby, a great programming starters language. So he programmed the plugins for the ruby project starter hoe, a download manager for Youtube, a simple GUI for controlling the commandline program publican, and a ruby driven creator for business job applications.

Since december 2016 he learns to program and build programs in the C# language with the Mono/.NET Framwork. There he uses the Gtk3-Sharp toolkit for drawing the graphical user interface.

Since August 2017 he learns programming in Python 3 with GTK+ 3.

All current projects are available there. Now you can see some places, where he is in the internet.

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